Hydro Bikes
If you love the water, you'll love the Hydro-Bike.

Fun for all ages, the Hydro-Bike is great for riders of all ages. Whether it's a friendly race, a sustained workout or a peaceful and casual ride along the shore, the HydroBike is a great ride! Enjoyed in 43 countries worldwide!

The Hydro-Bikes is the ultimate in human powered water craft. With little effort you can maintain a cruising speed of 4-6 miles per hour, and you can accelerate up to 10 mph! Plus, you're comfortably seated upright for great viewing. Whether you choose the single or double rider model you'll soon find these are the ultimate fun machines. Its computer-designed propulsion system makes the Hydro-Bike GO and GO and GO!

Lakecrest Resort is a distributor of the Hydro-Bike and can answer any question or fill any order you may have for the Hydro-Bike

             Fall Special Sale Price $2199 plus shippping to Detroit Lakes, MN

Buy direct from a dealer in USA 
This is a complete Deluxe Hydro-Bike and Not a Stripped Down Version found on other web sites.
Bike includes side decks, center storage compartment, toe pedal straps, carrying straps detailed instructions and Spare Parts Bag.
Please Email us to order Hydro-Bikes or call 1-218-234-1410
Easy to transport fully assembled on roof racks, or take your Hydro-Bike apart in 5 minutes without tools! Built to last, the Hydro-Bike is rugged and has been subjected to rigorous testing over 3,000 hours! It's stable and almost impossible to tip over. The Hydro-Bike is excellent for the whole family, if you can reach the pedals you can ride with ease. Always wear a personal floatation device when operating your Hydro-Bike.
Hulls: Seamless, Molded Polyethylene
Frame: 17" Powder-Coated Aluminum
Steering: 2-Position Front Rudder
Adjustments: Quick-Release Seat Clamp
Width  (Hull to Hull)
Width (Outside)
Hull Draft
Capacity (Rider&Cargo)
Gear Ratio
Propeller Diameter
Propeller Draft
(200 lb. rider)
125 lbs.
400 lbs.
Features and Benefits
  • Peace and quiet: The Hydro-bike is engineered for silence. It won’t disturb wildlife habitats- or fishing holes.
  • Shallow water is no problem: Ideal for narrow and shallow water, the Hydro-bike can operate in less than one foot of water. If the drive train and propeller encounter rocks or sand, it automatically pivots up and over the obstacle. You can even pedal right up onto the beach without damaging the propeller or rudder.
  • Strong, fast, and light: The Hydro-bike’s pontoons were scientifically developed by a professional canoe designer for optimum buoyancy, speed, and maneuverability. That means you will have a smooth ride even in very choppy water.
  • Steady and sturdy: Stable enough to dive from, the Hydro-bike can also handle rough water conditions, including five foot ocean swells.
  • Propeller-driven for the fastest performance: This is no slow paddle boat. The Hydrobike’s computer-designed propulsion system features a 90% efficient propeller which allows you to achieve cruise speeds of 4-6 mph with minimum effort.
  • Hand tool assembly: One person can assemble and disassemble the Hydro-bike in minutes, without any tools.
  • E-Z carrying straps: optional, these straps make it easier to tow the Hydro-bike in and out of the water.
  • High-performance propulsion system: The lower drive train is sealed water-tight, providing protection even in salty seawater. The chain uses environmentally friendly lubricants.
  • Built-in storage compartment: Stow extra clothes, beverages, and cargo. There are even two cup holders.
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